Las Vegas


Expert Pack Out / Pack in Services

When your home or business suffers a disaster we safely pack & remove your belongings and put them back in place when repairs are complete .

About US

Our mission is to make sure your restoration process is safely and professionally completed while insuring no further damage to your belongings. We serve all the Las Vegas valley including North Las Vegas and Henderson.  When it comes to Pack Out/Pack back services we are the experts to call. 

Our Pack Out Service

We take the worry and stress out of dealing with damage and undamaged furniture and other belongings. 

Our Pack-out experts will clear the way for the building and restoration team but more importantly we remove furniture and other possessions form a damp and/or contaminated area. We treat your belongings with the same respect and care we would give own family treasures.

We provide meticulous, organized and accurate inventory of our clients belongings with one on one expertise caring professionals to make the restoration of any home or business less stressful. 

We understand your belongings are not just "Stuff" Each item holds valuable and priceless memories we are dedicated to protect using the proper packing materials and techniques.

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